Monday, April 20, 2009


This weekend was certainly a great one. I had the wonderful opportunity to chaperon the P-Rom! It was a great time.

Sarah asked me to do her hair and make-up, which I really enjoyed doing. Hanging out with Rachel and Sarah and laughing at Rachel's grandma while the girls got ready was priceless. Both ladies looked incredible!
The dates showed up and I had my moment to instill fear before the girls came down. Both boys knew I was serious about taking care of my "sister" Sarah and my friend Rachel. (Before they left, I told them I looked forward to seeing them at Prom...they both were overcome with a terrified look. Sarah's date started sweating profusely....)
Later at the dance, the girls taught me and Brittany how to do the Stanky Leg. Oh my goodness...the world of dance is an interesting one. Yeah, the Stanky Leg.

Sunday afternoon I spent lounging around Kim's house, hanging out with her kids and sleeping. What a relaxing, rainy afternoon!

Late Sunday evening found me in a parking lot, on the phone with Misha, discussing life and relationship. How that was needed.

Karissa spent the weekend in preparation to move closer to home; this excites me, greatly!

The bottom line here is this: God has given me incredible friendships.
Some I have take for granted (sorry for not calling back...), some are far away now (places like South Korea, Africa, California), some are just beginning, but all of them I am so thankful for. From all of them I have learned and am learning great lessons and experiencing Christ.

Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Joys of Life Post College

This is the first post in an extremely long time. But this is definitely post-worthy.

Yesterday was quite a day! At work I was given 6 boxes of old documents to shred. We have an incredible is one of those fun little trash can units. In theory it's max is six sheets, however it struggles with three. I discovered, with the help of the great maintenance men that I could in fact put staples through it! Wonderful.

Another girl and I sat dreaming of wood-chippers and what other than those wonderful documents that we would love to shred!


Growing up is definitely no fun.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.

If I didn't have wisdom teeth today would be much easier. :o/