Monday, February 16, 2009

Adventure and Grandmas

This weekend was random and so much fun.

Saturday night four adventure-seeking friends ventured into the brilliant city of Francesville to a very primitive cabin amongst a forest of farmed trees. Upon entry, the men started a fire in the wood burning stove, while the women prepared a feast fit for Italy. What a glorious night under the stars in that little cabin in the woods.

Later that evening, a suprise visit from a great friend pushed aside the "grandmaness" in both of us. Great discussion about how God is moving in both of our lives kept us up until the early morning. Although many of the people I love live far away, it is incredible how close we can remain.

I appreciate these people, how they live their lives and strive to exemplify Christ to those around them. I appreciate the ways that they love me and challenge me.

I look ahead to this weekend as another great friend from afar will be journeying home.

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  1. Hi Friend! That sounds like an awesome weekend to me! I love those precious times to reconnect with old friends.