Thursday, October 15, 2009

Much Time Has Passed

Much time has passed since I last blogged.
One hundred and seventy nine days, in fact.
Many events have occurred.
On June 11th Zach asked me to marry him. I said yes.
On August 12th Zach and I adopted our crazy little kitten - Sassafras.
On September 5th my grandpa walked me down the isle as my new husband
stood waiting.
On September 6th Zach and I left for the Smoky Mountains and an
incredible Honeymoon.
On September 24th Jackson got fleas.
On September 26th we finished our new walk-in closet...and began the long, long
days of beginning to settle into our house and our new life.
....much more has happened than what would be interesting to you, I'm sure....
Many lessons have been learned.
God always remembers His children, always.
Life as a single woman was difficult and wonderful.
Life as a married woman is equally difficult and wonderful.
Being content right here and right now is important and absolutely necessary.
Our efforts matter, even if they affect just one.
My life is full of people who really, really love me.

As I sit here replaying many memories of life the last one hundred and seventy nine days, I am overcome with a sense of peace. Peace that I am where I need to be. Reminders of how I have been taken care of my whole life and a hope that I can cling to - God is good, He loves me and He knows me.

I must confess that I have the best family in the world.
A husband that is willing to love me when I am stubborn and irritating (and that is putting it nicely). Also, my husband is an incredible mouse hunter. He, without wavering, chased down a mouse on our Honeymoon armed with simply a pillow in his right hand and a shoe in his left. My husband makes me laugh more than anyone in the world.
Our kids our great. Sure, they are hairier than most and bark and meow an absurd amount, but we love them! Jackson and Sassafras are teaching me patience and they sure do keep me laughing.

Overwhelmed; that is how I felt when I realized that I do not have to fight to survive anymore, my husband is fighting for me.
Thankful; thankful for the lasting friendships with incredible people who teach me, love me and exemplify Christ in ways they may never know or understand.
Content; oddly, what I am fighting to be as I strive to trust that passions and abilities are not being forgotten or wasted.

It is good to be back.

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  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is BACK!
    I have waited, EAGERLY, checking to see if you have written for the past 179 days!
    She is BACK!
    (bada BA BA BAAAAAAAAAA) I'm lovin' it!