Friday, October 30, 2009


In leu of halloween approaching, Zach and I carved pumpkins with some friends on Wednesday night.

I LOVE carving pumpkins. And I certainly enjoy making pumpkin seeds. Funny, isn't it, that my amish, salt loving husband has never eaten a pumpkin seed in his whole entire life! Frightening huh? So, we carved, we roasted and we ate. Zach enjoyed his pumpkin seeds so much, that he took an entire tupperware container to work the next day...he polished off the WHOLE THING!

Tonight my mom and step dad are coming to town. Tony will help Zach in renovating our upstairs bathroom (I absolutely can't wait until it is finished), while my mom and I galavant around town. We are looking forward to playing Farkle with my parents; they are quite humorous.

Tomorrow we get to pass out candy to all the little tikes who stop by. Are you supposed to dress up to pass out candy? Any ideas?


  1. So did you finally get him to take you to the pumpkin patch?? hehe
    I am glad to hear you got your desired pumpkin and seeds.
    I just realized that Halloween is tomorrow and I have even touched a pumpkin, let alone allowed my mouth to behold the flavor of a roasted seed...
    I am officially drooling and very hungry

  2. Emiline!!
    I'm so glad that I found your blog.. how fun is this! I hope you h ad fun carving pumpkins.. I did!!
    All my love

  3. emi, emi, emi. it's been a while. and I was just creepin' on your facebook when I found your blog! I love blogs. so I'm excited.

    you are such a phenomenal woman. I know we haven't spoken for months... lots of months, but you're always on my
    heart because God used you in such a big way in my life. I do hate that we are in the same town, so close to each other, and yet never hang out. maybe coffee or lunch sometime? I'd love to catch up.
    ps you have a husband. weird.